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Excellence in Workmanship,
Passion for Quality

In just a few years, Evotech has demonstrated extraordinary growth and expertise in the sector, specializing in the processing of aluminium, cast iron and steel components.

What makes Evotech unique is its management with extensive experience in the field, built through long collaboration with the main international industrial groups.

This experience has allowed us to consolidate important partnerships with foundries in aluminium, cast iron and other sectors, guaranteeing the complete supply of components to the most renowned brands worldwide.

Today, we look with enthusiasm at the growth prospects in the coming years. Evotech aims to further expand its collaborations, focusing attention on the automotive, hydraulic, industrial sectors and the increasingly relevant green power/energy component.

Our vision is to become a point of reference for competence, quality, service and competitiveness on the European market.

In a rapidly evolving landscape, Evotech embraces innovation, putting mechanical precision and excellence in materials at the center. We are ready to shape the future together, forging new opportunities and successful partnerships.

Products for Business Sectors

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